Etsy showcase: Cinnamon Sticks

Etsy showcase: Cinnamon Sticks

I know I've blogged about Canela's work over at Cinnamon Sticks shop on Etsy before, but I can't sing her praises enough about her beautiful personalized pendants and bracelets.

Here are two new designs of hers that I ordered. My commissions are the photos in her shop and they turned out fabulous!

Mommy bracelet (click photos for lisitngs)Photobucket

Triple Charm Necklace

She just reopened her shop after a summer hiatus so make sure to check back over the next week as she unveils some more new designs she's been working on. You can also check out her blog at where she's constantly unveiling new designs, hosting giveaways, and sharing photos of her adorable family.


Loved by Adri


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