Etsy showcase: Hende

Etsy showcase: Hende

In this tight economy frivolous spending on darling things doesn't come often, but I just have to share the beautiful clothes and accessories that Holly at Hende makes. Her creations warrant a little splurge- so buy yourself a pretty shirt for the summer or some fun earrings for a night on the town!

She sells soft shirts with beautiful screen prints, creative earrings, and inspiring belts...

Go Lightly Leather Sash (click on images to see listings)


Flecked Lightening Leather Earrings

Botanic Strand Long Sleeve

Although her shop is closed for a hiatus until July 7th while she's away at a writing residency (doesn't that just sound fun!?) you can look at some of her older listings and wait patiently to see if she posts some new items when she returns.

I can tell you from my experience with her products (I now own 4 shirts and a set of earrings) they are worth every penny, beautiful to wear, and are backed by great customer service

Loved by Adri


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