Past Life: vintage living in a modern world: Birthday, Anniversary, and Giveaway - Oh My!

Check out the lovely giveaway that @MissCherryBublz is hosting over at her blog... those scarves just look lovely!


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Anthropomorphize this

We sometimes attribute human names to items that hold a dear spot in our lives...

I have a black SUV named Betty after this song

Tom Jones - Black Betty .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

I also have a blue bicycle named Delilah

I've know people who have laptops that were named Harry Potter and Charley, as well as cars named Button, Lola and Mr. Big...
So here's one for you people of the internets to answer. Do you give your cars, laptops, cell phones a name? If so, what are they, is there a story behind it?


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Etsy showcase: uncommon

If you check out the uncommon shop you will find the most delightful clean and stylish looking designs for the home! From unique wall clocks to gorgeous chandaleirs you can't go wrong with these pieces.




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Good Day Sir

Look at this mug! It says to you "Good Day Sir, I have warm tea for you."  *Tips Hat* 

This would definitely help with the "It takes me too long to finish a nice Chai" dilemma.  Santa, do you have this blog RSS'ed?

Via Fred Flare & Mindless internet-window-shopping.


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The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone

I have a very soft spot for anatomical designs, I have a small but growing collection of anatomical shirts, jewelry, and the like... probaby due to my morbid fascinations :D
A little while ago I stumbed upon a delightful post by Jean at Notcot about jewelry designed by Nervous System based on cellular & nervous system structure.
Oh my. I have got to get some of these pieces!

One of my favorite of the peices is this brooch based off of radiolarian (amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons - Wiki)

Radiolaria Brooch  via
Now if you aren't in the market for spending upwards of $40-100 on a single piece (although with the variety of mediums they produce their peices - silver, gold, silicone, nylon - there are both expensive & affordable sets) I would suggest looking at some of the anatomical jewelry artists on

I have several necklaces made by Anamoulus Bits, my favorite being an anatomical heart... but she has many other designs for under $14

Anatomical Heart by AnomalousBits via

Anatomical Human Lungs by AnomalousBits via

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