The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone

I have a very soft spot for anatomical designs, I have a small but growing collection of anatomical shirts, jewelry, and the like... probaby due to my morbid fascinations :D
A little while ago I stumbed upon a delightful post by Jean at Notcot about jewelry designed by Nervous System based on cellular & nervous system structure.
Oh my. I have got to get some of these pieces!

One of my favorite of the peices is this brooch based off of radiolarian (amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons - Wiki)

Radiolaria Brooch  via
Now if you aren't in the market for spending upwards of $40-100 on a single piece (although with the variety of mediums they produce their peices - silver, gold, silicone, nylon - there are both expensive & affordable sets) I would suggest looking at some of the anatomical jewelry artists on

I have several necklaces made by Anamoulus Bits, my favorite being an anatomical heart... but she has many other designs for under $14

Anatomical Heart by AnomalousBits via

Anatomical Human Lungs by AnomalousBits via

Loved by Adri
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