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There are a few quaint and interesting places to eat in our area, most of which reside in Redlands... I'm going to take the next few weeks to highlight some of my favorites!

Yesterday I picked up some fixings for a light lunch and some sides for dinner at the

Olive Avenue Market
Location: 530 West Olive Avenue (at Michigan), Redlands, CA

They have a great selection of specialty foods, cheeses, crackers and the like. They also stock a large selection of classic sodas, microbrews, wines and have a full coffee bar. Lunch @ OAM means you can pick up several delish premade sammies, an old timey rootbeer, and a bag of fun and tasty chips all for under $10! My favorite is the OAM2 sandwich (Roasted turkey, cranberry chutney, dried cranberries, provolone, lettuce, mayo & balsamic) although yesterday I opted for a string cheese and a iced chai since I was picking up items for my earlyish dinner at home with my father. I took home a pair of Route 66 Root Beers, Route 11 potato chips , and some of OAM's delicious macaroni salad & potato salad to go with our hamburgers we planned to BBQ for dinner, and boy oh boy was it good!

They offer a delightful dinner, the chef Ben decides on a week's menu and all you have to do is call ahead and order dinner to be picked up in late afternoon/evening to take home. They also offer Saturday and Sunday breakfasts made to order and packaged to go.


From what I understand the market has been in the neighborhood since the '20s and was operated by the Stater brothers (of Stater Bros fame)

Last two photos via zIDEAz


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