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The Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary to be celebrated with limited edition Shag prints, merchandise and events! OMG. I just died.


Details are still a little sketchy (pardon the pun) at this time, but it appears that a range of merchandise will be created based on the art: at the very least, Shag will be signing prints on Sunday, August 9th at the park. Buyers, however, will get the first opportunity to buy the prints at a cocktail party the evening of the 8th where Shag will be the guest of honor. Here’s hoping that they hold the event in the Mansion itself — Walt Disney World has done dinners in the stretch rooms in the past — what a blast it would be to party where “candle lights flicker where the air is deathly still. Says Hot Lava from Tiki Talk

See more of Shag's Haunted Mansion Prints here

Event information at Disneyland's website

Via Tiki Talk through BB

Loved by Adri (We are so going to this. I don't care what we have to do, heads will roll...)
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Sarah said...

I cannot describe how excited I am. Okay maybe I can..but not in this little box.

Ninibot said...

I am so there!

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