Warm, Cozy & Nerdy all over

It's getting a wee big chilly in Chi town. I've layered up quite a bit, but this little gem could be just the ticket!

The idea of just wrapping myself in warmth with a cup of chai & a book sounds absolutely fabulous. Too bad the only relaxing I can do right now is sitting straight up in a chair with a pillow behind my back!
Now that leather couch? No wonder that woman is in a body sized blanket!!

Via Slanket

Loved by Sarah


Adri said...

My mom used to have this ugly brown quilt when I was a kid, but it did the most amazing thing. It had these snaps along the sides and voila... instant blanket/housecoat/sick-kid-dress. Was my most favorite thing about staying home from school. I wonder where it ended up!

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