Scent of a woman (updated)

Well after testing out a few perfume samples that came with my dress delivery from Dillard's I was convinced it was time to establish a new signature fragrance. I've never been one to wear a singular perfume (because most give me headaches) and I tend to swap out fragrances for the seasons. Almost always vanilla-y scents Warm Vanilla Sugar & L'Occtaine's Vanilla Eau du Parfum in fall and winter, then on to citrus scents for spring, typically Love Spell, then on to beachy scents for summer like Bobbi Brown's Beach.

I had convinced myself I liked Sarah Jessica Parker's fragrance Lovely. I then stupidly wandered into Nordstrom's in South Coast Plaza and nonchalantly mentioned to the sales lady that I wasn't completely sold. Oh the twinkle in her eye....

Well after describing to her the scents I like, she swiftly handed me several test strips of Ralph Lauren, True Religion (yes, the jeans company) and a few others, then she hit the big time.... I fell hook line and sinker for a bright, grapefruity yet woodsy scent.

I now wear Herm├Ęs' Un Jardin Sur le Nil (translated: a garden on the Nile). And I smell delicious.


Yes, I have expensive taste... surprise surprise.

Via a Nordy's sales lady named Linda

Loved by Adri


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