A good cuppa

A good cuppa

Now, I enjoy coffee...a lot, but my first passion is tea.

This sweet little store called Fortnum and Mason has the widest array of teas I've seen. If I could go to their brick & mortar store in Piccadilly Circus, I'd be in seventh heaven! Recently, I've been trying to convince myself I need this :

It has the CUTEST packaging & their three most popular teas.

But...what good is cute tea, without a cute cup to put it in?? Rosanna has the most amazing tea cups, plates, tea pots and ceramics in general. I would pair Chelsea Flowers with Red Dots ::

I'm pretty sure I saw this combo in a magazine somewheres, but I couldn't tell you if it was Glamour, Self, Shape, Fitness, WWM, well you get the idea. . .:D


Loved by Sarah


Adri said...

Yay! Posting about tea = meloveyoulongtime!

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