Blogs improve gift giving!

Well maybe not, but it does make it easier...

This Christmas I benefited greatly from bragging about the things I love, and some things I didn't even discover myself- but things my blog-mate Sarah shared... it really pays to have great taste and a fabulous blog to share it on!

I received this beautiful Bobbi Brown eye and lip palette to add some sparkle to my holiday makeup. (via Sarah's post)
The eyeshadows are divine and for once I actually found a lip color that suits me! The Berry Mauve Creamy Lip color (top left) makes my lips look flush and doesn't pale my complexion (pretty much a miracle, I always look dead when I wear lipstick)

My dear friend and fellow blogger Joce gave me this lovely zippered pouch, which is currently toting around my unusable cell phone while I'm in Canada and mouse for my laptop. She obviously feels it's right to indulge my love of sea creatures with suckers!


I can only assume she stumbled across it on Etsy for only those clever crafters would think of something like this, but I am so grateful... it makes me smile every time I see it. Isn't it cheery?


Loved by Adri


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